About us

Heftrucktotaal BV was established in 2007 and by now has grown into a specialist in the sector of buying and selling of various machinery, primarily forklift trucks and internal transport equipment, but also many other machines (street sweepers, floor scrubbers, aerial work platforms, etc.). Furthermore, Heftrucktotaal BV performs mandatory annual inspections and maintenance of your valuable machinery. Since 2009, we have been located at the industrial estate De Schalm in Andelst in Gelderland.

The owner Jeroen Klein Holte (certified NVM estate agent/appraiser) will advise and guide you in all solutions regarding internal transport equipment. Whether in regard to the purchase of a single forklift truck or perhaps several forklift trucks, new or used, we have the required machinery or can obtain it for you. Heftrucktotaal always has a minimum of 75 machines in stock, please consult our offer page for these. If your desired machine does not appear here, then Heftrucktotaal can locate it for you, so we can still offer it to you. In the past years, Heftrucktotaal has established many contacts both in the Netherlands as well as abroad, as a result of which we can perform a search in a database with more than 5000 machines. Even before the machine has been purchased, the customer of the equipment can see and test it, after which the purchase by Heftrucktotaal is performed and when it has been fully inspected and tested, the machine can be delivered.

Heftrucktotaal works in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner, our means of transport comply with Euro 5 and 6 standards. Almost all forklift trucks are electric and we are a specialist in the area of batteries. We are equipped with Fronius workshop chargers and SMP chargers, which have been made especially for the maintenance of batteries. We can discharge batteries with a BMX discharger and print out test reports on these featuring accurate measurements and graphics. As a result, we are the only company that are able to provide a 1-year warranty on used batteries after this process has been performed. You are always welcome in our large showroom to view and/or test the machinery that we have in stock. If you are interested, you can also always take a look in our workshop, where our 5 work areas are practically always occupied for the performance of repairs and/or inspections. We would also be happy to show you our charging and discharging station where the batteries are tested.




Heftrucktotaal is equipped with an Iveco BE lorry/trailer with which up to 6.5 tonnes can be transported and features a 30 cm load floor with which we can carry loads with a height of up to 3.70 metres. The trailer is fitted with a cover so that we can always transport protected against the weather. It has air suspension and lowers to the ground, as a result of which it is especially suited for challenging transport tasks with limited manoeuvring space and/or ground clearance such as that encountered in city centres or with machinery such as aerial work platforms and pallet trucks. Moreover, with our fully equipped service vehicle we can tow loads of up to 3500 kg such as trailed aerial work platforms, etc. For loading and unloading of very heavy machinery, we have a special 8-ton forklift truck with a loading platform that has been especially designed for this task. For companies with internal transport equipment, we tend to the entire process of purchase, procurement (rental), maintenance, inspection and the accompanying certified (forklift truck) training.

Qualified inspector

Jeroen Klein-Holte has been a qualified inspector of forklift trucks and internal transport equipment, agricultural, horticultural and municipal machinery and aerial work platforms since 2011. Heftrucktotaal BV is a member of Koninklijke Metaalunie (Dutch employers’ organisation for small and medium-sized enterprises active in the metal industry). Reliability, service and safety are of paramount importance to us.

The benefits of Heftrucktotaal B.V.: